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Bird-window collisions can occur anywhere at anytime. Collisions are not limited to one particular type of building or window. The windows involved in collisions can be any size or shape, and can face any direction. Collisions can occur during any season, and at anytime during the day. For a bird to become involved in a collision, all it has to do is be in the vicinity of a window.

Why do birds collide with windows? Clear window panes and those that reflect images easily may not be recognized by birds as barriers, and thus, birds fly into them.

Daytime collisions happen for several different reasons. First, birds may not recognize glass as a reflective barrier and attempt to fly to the habitat that is being reflected. Also, birds may not be able to recognize a corridor of windows as a barrier. For example, birds may see through the sides of a bay window or see through glass corridors, and attempt to fly to the other side. Finally, during the breeding season, territorial males often see their reflection, and repeatedly attack what they believe is an intruder.

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