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Hello there young bird biologists! How would like to learn, have fun, and help birds all at the same time? On this page there are a few different activities that will help you do just that. First, check out the facts about bird collisions with windows. after reading the information, test your knowledge by taking the problems and solutions Quiz and completing the project prevent collision word find.

facts about bird-window collisions

  1. Between 100 million and 1 billion birds die each year in bird-window collisions.

  2. bird-window collisions happen to all different species of birds.

  3. To help reduce the number of bird-window collisions you could place multiple decals on windows or put screens on the windows.

  4. You can help prevent bird-window collisions by completing project prevent collision and by getting others involved.

Click here to take the problems and solutions quiz
click here to take the project prevent collision word find
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