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PROJECT PREVENT COLLISION is a worldwide study that examines the number of bird-window collisions that occur, and investigates the reasons why birds collide with windows. The study asks individuals to provide information about the past and present bird collisions that they have experienced at their home. Participants also describe architectural features of their homes and the characteristics of the landscape and neighborhood surrounding them. By compiling all the information gained from all participants, we will become better educated about collisions, why they occur and how future collisions can be prevented. Whether you have experienced a window collision at your home or not, please consider participating!


Why do we need to conduct PROJECT PREVENT COLLISION?

While collisions with windows are a huge source of avian mortality, our understanding of the risk of specific architectural or landscape features that influence the number of collisions is limited. This is why we need your help. We would like to invite you to participate in PROJECT PREVENT COLLISION as a citizen scientist. PROJECT PREVENT COLLISION includes a brief internet survey that will take approximately 10 minutes. We then ask you to participate in a more detailed study that will take about three hours of time spread over a four-week period. Completing the PROJECT PREVENT COLLISION internet survey and detailed study may help save a bird’s life!


Get Others Involved!

Do you belong to an organization that could help promote PROJECT PREVENT COLLISION and get members of the organization to participate? Are you a teacher whose students can complete the PROJECT PREVENT COLLISION protocol? If so, please contact us about how we can provide information to group members and summarize results of the study for your organization. You can also promote PROJECT PREVENT COLLISION by hanging up this printable flyer.


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